• How do I upload images?

    Click the green plus icon at the top of the page, then click "uploads" and pick the kind of image you want to upload.

  • Why does my uploaded image not look like the original?

    All images get encoded into a representation that the neural networks can understand. The image being uploaded should generally resemble the images the network already produces. For portraits, it should be facing the camera, with the full face in focus and good resolution on the face.

  • Who owns the images?

    All images are public domain (CC0) and may be used for commercial purposes. It is strongly suggested that you cite the Artbreeder image URL when sharing something that strongly resembles an Artbreeder image. Private mode is available for subscribers to ensure the images are not used by others.

  • How does private mode work?

    Images made in private mode are not seen or used by anyone at any time. If you end your subscription the images will stay private forever.

  • Are uploads for other image categories available?

    Not yet and uploads for the general category are not possible now.

  • How can I delete my account?

    Go to your account page from the menu and click "Delete Account."