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Heart pupils, cute close up of face, open eyes, symmetrical face, peach and cyan hues, heart crown, centered, blush, crown, pink heart eyes, heart freckles, layers, heart shaped lips, cute watercolor art, smooth, cute, adorable, 3d, vibrant, wlop, rossdraws, mark ryden, pixiv, xingchen, Wadim Kashin, James Gurney, By stephen gammell, guweiz, stanley artgerm, studio ghibli, rossdraws, lisa frank, alyssa monks, Gaston Bussière, Gary Bunt, ghailan, Georg Baselitz, George Tooker, tim burton, mark ryden, reflective motif, glowing, cute detailed face, perfect anatomy, smooth, sassy, full of energy, round cute face, cute detailed face, highly detailed clothing, smooth skin, great composition, soft lighting, shintaro kago, wlop, bagshaw, rossdraws, pixiv, amano, magical, glowing, cinematic, epic, vibrant, colorful, realistic : 1 | diamond, open mouth, weird pupils, blue, ugly, deformed, weird pupils, ugly hands, cupcake, cake, feathers, ugly fingers, nfsw, nudity, weird pupils, child, anime, skinny, asian, balloon, ugly, back pack, bag, deformed, headphones, ugly hands, watermark, collar, words, letters, flesh color, orange, open mouth : -0.2

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