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Image Prompt:

Modern, apterus, artgerm, full body, modern, detailed, rich designer black and red lace dress, met gala, attractive, man beside her with red fashionable suit, sakimichan, amano, apterus, artgerm, abigail larson, alyssa monks, carne griffiths, Emil nolde and yoji shinkawa, Jeremy mann, lace, full body, modern, rich designer transparent black colored dress with rubies, body fit dress, curvy body, long hair, man beside her wearing red lace suit, shimmering, on red carpet, crowd of paparazzi, dynamic pose, great composition, open eyes, pretty and detailed visuals, red carpet fashion, met gala, high fashion, haute fashion, avant garde, fancy, rich, celebrity in designer dress on red carpet, extremely big jewel incrusted cream colored dress, kim kardashian : 1 | ugly hands, cars, watermark, words, signature, blood, photograph, deformed, ugly, extra arm, nudity, open mouth, headphones, buns, ugly hands : -0.2

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