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A breathtaking action scene with masterful composition from a scifi movie by director Denis Villeneuve and James Bidgood and Andrei Tarkovsky, closeup shot of the Black woman and southeast Asian woman protagonists, clearly visible skin texture and sharp catchlights in the eyes, atmospheric, cinematic, dramatic, filmic, scenic, visual storytelling, dappled light, volumetric lighting, dynamic range, depth of field, epic light, 35mm film, film grain, Fujicolor Pro 400H, color grading, science fiction, SciFi, beautiful, radiant, intricate, ray tracing, slow shutter speed, backlit, 8k, ultra resolution, 4k 8k HQ HD, high resolution definition high quality image : 1 | (low quality), (low resolution), blurry, blurred, airbrushed, retouching, unfocussed, desaturated, colorless, gray, (flat light), plastic, plasticky, ((bad SFX)), textureless, untextured, nontextured, unsharpened, ((out of focus)), smudged, undetailed, nondetailed, pixelated, (jpg artifacts), (smudged face), (distorted face), (distorted eyes), (blurry face), (smudged eyes), (motion blur), cross-eyed, deformed, distorted, (pixel distortions), fake, ((deformed)), ((extra limbs)), crosseyed, ((smudged eyes)), ((unfocused eyes)), ((blurry eyes)), (low detail)), low-res, tiling, lowres, anime, manga, cartoon, 3d render, (low poly render), childish, cartoonish, illustration, (cut off), cropped, text, error, (worst quality), (low quality), (normal quality), (jpeg artifacts), signature, watermark, (deformed blurry unfocused smudged facial features), (flat uninteresting low quality), boring, amateurish, ((bad CGI)) : -1

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