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Epic Sticker illustration pixiv Brom, apterus, artem demura, dante inferno, Atey Ghailan, Benedick Bana, carne griffiths, pino daeni, motif. Of Roots, bark of trees, blonde, butterfly, character art, concept art, cute, dark fantasy, digital art, drawing, girl, illustration, painting, portrait, roots, wood, fantasy illustration, female, beautiful, delicate, ornate background, tom bagshaw, amano, Ambrosius Bosschaert, Rachel Ruysch, jana schirmer, ruan jia, highly detailed, realistic, hyper realistic, colorful. dark and gritty texture, concept art, horror fantasy, dynamic composition, Octane render. Using natural light to highlight weathered textures. With an horror movie as a blurred background. With an emphasis on expression and mood. Showcasing extreme attention to detail, trending on ArtStation, pretty visuals, ArtStation, insanely detailed and intricate, highly detailed, intricately detailed concept art, low-angle, depth of field, 35 mm lens, Unreal Engine 5, Cry Engine, intricately detailed. Photorealist : 1 | ugly face, deformed hands, multiple limbs, unrealistic body proportions, draw style, cartoon, draw, painting : -0.5

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