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Very detailed fantasy Illustration of a woman on clouds. by John William and rossdraws. Clouds. very detailed and elaborate. perfect airbrushing. Realistic hair texture. Shining and cosmic art. close-up. Magical. Beautiful. Mystical. Highlights on the turquoise sparkling clouds. Fantasy magic girl with very long dark purple-blue wavy hair, with lit blue eyes.shining and cosmic art. Magical. Clouds. : 2 | Body deformities, ugly hands, shadows, nudity, open mouth, weird eyes, text, watermark, signature, lines,bad proportions, ugly face, blurry, more than 5 fingers on 1 hand, less than 5 fingers on 1 hand, random anatomy,warped, blurry, red nose, inappropriate content, ugly, NSFW, unproportionate limbs, low quality, amateur, beginner ,cut off, : -0.1

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