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Fashion photography, product photography: an editorial photograph showcasing haute couture glasses. Stylish beautiful clothes, fashion designer, clearly visible skin texture and catchlights in the eyes, masterful dynamic composition, Mary Katrantzou, Elsa Schiaparelli, Walter Van Beirendonck, 4k 8k HQ HD high resolution sharp image, realistic skin texture, catchlights in the eyes, Fashion magazine editorial vogue photoshoot, portrait by photographer Miles Aldridge, Annie Leibovitz : 1 | (low quality), (low resolution), (flat light), smudged, blurry, blurred, unfocused, unsharpened, airbrushed, retouching, pixelated, (jpg artifacts), (pixel distortions), (blurry eyes), textureless, untextured, nontextured, plastic, plasticky, rubber, (plastic doll), (low detail), undetailed, nondetailed, low-res, tiling, lowres, cartoon, 3d render, (low poly render), anime, drawing, childish, cartoonish, cropped, text, error, (worst quality), (low quality), (jpeg artifacts), signature, watermark, (flat uninteresting light), boring, amateurish, NSFW, anorexic : -1.5

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