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8K 64K UHD very textured extreme close-up photograph of a hairy beetle covered in dew on a flower petal by Mandy Disher and by Marilyn Minter, macro photography, microphotography, microscope photo, 2021 Blu-ray IMAX movie, cinematic close-up. Bokeh, backlit, extremely textured, extremely sharp focus, clearly defined, 16K, 32K, 128K, HQ, HD, cinematic lighting, dramatic light, masterful composition. : 1 | (Bad quality), blurred, haze, hazy, textureless, untextured, nontextured, unsharpened, nondetailed, (low detail), bare, bland, (.jpeg artifacts), (.jpg artifacts), (low quality), lowres, 3D render, (low poly render) boring, basic, (bad beige), undetailed, nondetailed, textureless, untextured, polyester, plastic, plasticky, pixelated, smoothed, airbrushed : -1

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