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Crown, close up, alyssa monks, silver crown with gore hanging off of it, ryohei hase, bak, amano, smooth, open eyes, demon woman, sitting sexually in throne, red veiny transparent skin. great black horns, long hair. sitting on a clean white marble throne, texture, slimy, wet, powerful, blood, creepy, highly detailed face, servants bowing at her feet. background of dark evil temple. horror atmosphere, dramatic dark lighting, perfect anatomy, dark mysterious, mythical, fantasy, dreamy, ethereal, hyper detailed, trending on artstation, sharp focus, studio photo, intricate details, highly detailed, by Gerald Brom, Jules Cheret, 8k resolution full body concept art portrait, photorealistic, elaborate creature design, hyperrealistic splash screen art, intricately detailed digital painting, : 1.2 | ugly, closed eyes, anime, sand, ugly hands, antlers, horns, asian, ugly legs, watermark, words, human, image with artifacts, nudity, weird pupils, glow, nipples, antlers, horns, wings : -0.5

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