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White humanoid werewolf, hairy, fur, furry, blood and drool, dynamic pose, forest, lurking, muscular, albino, surreal horror, naked, no clothes, alyssa monks, ryohei hase, amano, bak, brian froud, jenny saville, blood moon, dynamic pose, bloodborne inspired, soft lighting, Cinematic handsome werewolf, stunning eyes, fred calleri, tom bagshaw, Wong Kar-wai, Yigal Ozeri, Werner Herzog, Stefan Gesell, Steve Hanks, Tatiana Suarez, Ryan McGinley, Petrina Hicks, Teophilus Tetteh, Thomas Saliot, Todd Hido, Viktoria Gavrilenko, Vivienne Westwood, Slim Aarons, Yue Minjun, Tatsuo Miyajima, Tiago Hoisel, Pierre Huyghe, intricate design, pretty visuals, insanely detailed and intricate, highly detailed, high resolution, fine details, sharp focus, lifelike, depth of field, high definition, artistic composition.16 k, ultra realistic, Octane render, photoshoot, volumetric lighting, shadow effect, insanely detailed and intricate, highly detailed, incredible art : 1 | clothes, nipples, nsfw, suit, man, human, ugly face, deformed hands, multiple limbs, unrealistic body proportions, clothes, nudity, snow, sword, weapon : -1

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