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Hyperrealistic photorealistic artstyle of a hand made of water holding up a ship in a bottle out of the water, water hand holding, hearts floating in background, sunset, red palette, water grasping bottle, intricate heart shaped transparent glass bottle, realistic detailed heart with pirate ship sailing inside of heart, translucebt water, dramatic rays of light reflecting off water, hearts in water, sea of hearts, night palette, sailing on a sea of hearts, translucent red and gold hearts floating in blurry background, gold intricate designs, media darling, dramatic lighting, curly-wavy-messy hair, ominous, ghostly, shadows, evocative portrait, ornate, intricate, detailed, detailed, art by Ashley Wood, art by Loish, art by Natalie, : 1 | nudity, low-quality, blurry, bad-hands, watermark, signature, : -1

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