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A bright and mysterious image of a teenage girl with long flowing blonde hair and blue eyes. she has pale skin. she wears a white dress with pink details and armor in a fantasy style. she floats in a sunny sky, lounging on a fluffy cloud. glow, glitter, sparkles. glossy highlights. Art by WLOP, Rossdraws, ilya kuvshinov. Color contrast, complex, insanely detailed, cinematic lighting, volumetric lighting, shadow effect, 8k HD resolution, Art Station, digital art. bright image, dynamic lighting. realistic. king. zoomed in, close up, : 1 | NSFW, blurry, Nudity, deformed hands, ugly face, ugly hands, nfsw, nudity, deformed limbs, young, zoomed out, ugly eyes, deformed eyes, drawing, blurry features, young, little kid, drawing, sketch, comic book style, : -1

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