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Hyperrealistic digital art, watercolor anime, Krenz Cushart, stunning teenage black boy blowing a small rose, holding delicate rose, petals flying with the wind, shadowy ambient background, agonized, life, dreamy colors, nighttime, beautiful aesthetic, dirty and lost. 17 year old boy with wavy red brown perfectly styled messy hair and tan jacket. Mind is full of fantasy worlds and nature. Silver glow, moon, stardust, Intricate stunning highly detailed watercolor portrait of a boy blowing a dandelion, Mike Mignola, artgerm, fantasy, magic, ethereal, hopeful, by guweiz and wlop and ilya kuvshinov, gaunt, accurate anatomy, Rossdraws, depressed, still full shot, splash art, blowing a dandelion at nighttime, exposed mind filled with fantasy, intricately detailed : 1 | facial hair, warped, blurry, inappropriate content, ugly, people, too close, head only, NSFW, short, asian, open mouth, boy, deformed face, happy, chubby, mid shot, thick lineart, photo, front view, sightless, too close, no tears, not blowing, giant dandelion, pressed face, huge eyes, child, floating dandelion, hand not touching : -1.8

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