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Deformed face, deformed limbs, deformed,ugly, extra body parts, fused body parts,blurry, eyes closed, ugly face, deformed face, crossed eyes, white eyes : -2 | zoomed out , glow, glitter, sparkles. glossy highlights. Art by WLOP, Rossdraws, ilya kuvshinov. Color contrast, complex, insanely Fantasy illustration of a handsome man short dirty blonde hair with a rich lux clothing on a luxurious yacht, garmash, drinking champagne next to him is a beautiful woman with dirty long blonde hair in a luxurious red and gold dress, drinking champane, eyes open the man and the woman has pale skin. yacht, billionaire, rich people, luxury, luxurious clothes and jewelry The art style is realistic done in digital art with detailed shading and lighting. Luxurious yacht. Lights. Beautiful. Great. Awesome. Sweet. Amazing. : 2

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