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Glow, glitter, sparkles. glossy highlights. Art by WLOP, Rossdraws, ilya kuvshinov. Color contrast, complex, insanely Fantasy illustration of a beautiful women with a rich lux dress on a luxurious yacht, garmash, drinking champagne, beautiful, long wavy dirty blonde hair, on a yacht, realistic, rich lux red and gold dress, zoomed out, people around in dresses and tuxedos, drinking champane, eyes open the woman has pale skin. Blond long hair Beautiful young woman with a gorges red and gold dress in a huge luxurious mansion, The art style is realistic done in digital art with detailed shading and lighting. Luxurious mansion. Lights. Beautiful. Great. Awesome. Sweet. Amazing. : 2 | deformed face, deformed limbs, deformed,ugly, extra body parts, fused body parts,blurry, eyes closed, ugly face, deformed face, crossed eyes, white eyes : -2

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