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Emotionally devastating sculpture depicting a scarred face that radiates a yearning for peace, created from many steel pieces roughly welded with visible scar-like weld seams, contemporary steel sculpture by artist David Altmejd and Huma Bhabha and Constantin Brancusi. Dappled, textured, sharp volumetric light, studio lighting, 85mm lens, f/1.4 1/250 shutter : 1 | (low quality), (low resolution), pixelated, (.jpg artifacts), (.jpeg artifacts), (low detail), low-res, lowres, (worst quality), (flat light), pixelated, blurred, plastic, plasticky, haze, textureless, untextured, nontextured, unsharpened, nondetailed, drawing, childish, cartoonish, amateurish, text, error, signature, watermark, (flat uninteresting light), (yellowed), (bad beige), (3D render) : -1

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