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A beautiful mysterious fantasy woman screaming out joy at the sight of a cute baby golden retriever puppy. She has green eyes. Long eyelashes. She’s not too close to the puppy . The puppy is in her hands.Watercolor photorealistic very detailed image of rossdraws : 1 | Body Deformities, haze blur, ugly deformed hands, twisted fingers, extra fingers, random people , ugly eyes, blurred eyes, deformed pupils, nudity, nipples weird eyes, unrealistic, deformities, mutation, unrealistic eyes, unrealistic hands, unrealistic fingers, unrealistic limbs, ugly hands, ugly fingers, fused hands, misplaced hands, fused limbs, fused fingers, extra fingers, missing fingers, misplaced fingers, extra limbs, missing limbs, misplaced limbs, deformed hands, deformed fingers, ugly eyes, disfigurement, text, watermark, signature, words, skulls, detached limbs, Deformed body, blend together : -0.1

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