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Image Prompt:

Highly detailed fifteen year old girl with medium-length with wavy lushes of dark blonde hair well brushed. bright, almond-shaped brown eyes, a round oval face shape, pale skin, her lips are small and of equal proportion, reddish like a very light and clear liquor. She has a warm smile and wears a red hoodie and blue jeans. She’s in the city, city background. Beautiful city buildings and streets. The art style is realistic done in digital art with detailed shading and lighting. glow, glitter, sparkles. glossy highlights. Art by WLOP, Rossdraws, ilya kuvshinov. Color contrast, complex, insanely detailed, cinematic lighting, volumetric lighting, shadow effect, 8k HD resolution, Art Station, digital art. bright image, dynamic lighting. realistic. : 2 | Body Deformities, haze blur, ugly deformed hands, twisted fingers, extra fingers, random people , ugly eyes, blurred eyes, deformed pupils, nudity, nipples weird eyes, unrealistic, deformities, mutation, unrealistic eyes, unrealistic hands, unrealistic fingers, unrealistic limbs, ugly hands, ugly fingers, fused hands, misplaced hands, fused limbs, fused fingers, extra fingers, missing fingers, misplaced fingers, extra limbs, missing limbs, misplaced limbs, deformed hands, deformed fingers, ugly eyes, disfigurement, text, watermark, signature, words, skulls, detached limbs, NSFW. Body deformities, ugly hands, shadows, nudity, open mouth, weird eyes, text, watermark, signature, lines,bad proportions, ugly face, blurry, more than 5 fingers on 1 hand, less than 5 fingers on 1 hand, random anatomy,warped, blurry, red nose, inappropriate content, ugly, NSFW, unproportionate limbs, low quality, amateur, beginner ,cut off, unprofessional. No details. : -2

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